After-Cataract Opacification (PCO)

Posterior capsule opacification (PCO) is a common side effect of cataract surgery. It can occur weeks or even a couple ...
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What Are Cataracts?

The illustration on the bottom right shows the top lens as being clear while the bottom lens shows clouding because ...
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Cataract Symptoms

The majority of cataracts develop gradually. Thus the presence of changes in vision is not noticed at first. Cataract symptoms ...
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Mature Cataract

Risk Factors for Cataracts

Risk factors include: Aging Siblings or family members with cataracts Certain medical diseases (e.g. diabetes) History of eye surgery or ...
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Diabetic Snowflake Cataract

Cataract Causes

When viewing an object, light rays travel through your eye's lens to produce a clear image on the retina. With ...
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Cataract Diagnosis

In order to make a diagnosis, your ophthalmologist will need to do a comprehensive eye examination. The examination will include ...
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