Being one of the leading ophthalmology practices in Bloemfontein, central South Africa, Dr Lynette Venter regards every vision-impaired problem as a challenge. Dealing with the prospect of vision reduction or loss presents a unique challenge which can be highly stressful and frustrating. We offer the patient compassion and understanding backed with our clinical expertise. We apply the latest technological and practical advancements in this specialised field to add value to our patients’ lives.

Dr Lynette Venter provides a wide range of advanced ophthalmology products and technology, methodology, techniques, and procedures which are not often found as a one-stop-service within the same practice. We offer a mixture of medicine and surgery, ranging from the analysis of lens prescription and standard medical treatment to the most delicate and precise surgical manipulations.

We furthermore offer cosmetic solutions and surgery such as vitrectomy or Botox treatments. Passionate about our patients’ wellness, we will do whatever it takes to add value and make a difference in people’s lives.

We are POPIA compliant.