If you have low vision (reduced vision even with the help of spectacles and contact lenses) due to Macular degeneration (AMD), you can learn how to make the most of your vision. You can often still maintain your lifestyle and daily activities with special low vision tools. The low vision tools can include different kinds of magnifiers, handheld computers, electronic tools, large playing cards and many more.

You can also learn how to use your side vision to help you do things. A low vision rehabilitation specialist can teach you how to do this by practice and help.

Ask your ophthalmologist to help you find a low vision rehabilitation specialist in your area. The goal is to learn new ways to be as independent as possible.

Test your vision with the Amsler grid

AMD causes your vision to change over time. You may not notice these changes when they happen. But you need to catch vision changes as soon as possible. Treating them early can help slow or stop further loss of sight. You should use an Amsler grid every day to monitor your vision.

Amsler grid

Here is how to use the Amsler grid:

Keep the Amsler grid in a place where you can do it about once a week. When it is performed too often it may be difficult to pick up any changes in vision that has occurred.

In good light, look at the grid from about 30 centimeters away. Be sure to wear your reading glasses if applicable.

Cover one eye. Look directly at the dot in the center of the grid with your uncovered eye. Notice if all the corners are visible, if any of the lines look bent or wavy as well as if any part of the grid looks blurry, dim, or out of shape.

Now cover your other eye and repeat the test.

Call your ophthalmologist right away if you notice that any abnormalities.


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