Corneal Crosslinking is a procedure performed to stop the progression of corneal thinning. Corneal diseases such as keratoconus, ectasia, pellucid marginal degeneration, etc. can be treated in this manner. The cornea needs a minimum thickness of 400um and it is therefore crucial to diagnose these conditions as soon as possible.

The epithelium can either be removed or stay intact. Riboflavin (Vitamin A) drops are instilled into the eye for absorption by the cornea. When absorption is sufficient, UV-A light is shone onto the eye for 9 minutes. The combination of the drops and UV light, strengthens the “crosslinkings” in the cornea and stops the progression of corneal thinning/degeneration.

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A bandage contact lens is placed on the eye to aid with the discomfort after the procedure. One may experience blurry vision for up to 6 weeks. The refraction and visual acuity can be measured after three months. Improved vision is not a guarantee with corneal crosslinking, but may be an added bonus!